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\"The Truth On How To Get Your Book Published\" Teleseminar
"The Truth On How To Get Your Book Published" Teleseminar

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Details: The Truth on How to Get Your Book Published

If you have a book burning inside of you, this free Teleseminar will give you the information you need to get it done without any BS.

Join us for this free Teleseminar, where you will learn the ins and outs of writing, publishing, and marketing your book from- the people who make it happen:
- Penny Nelson, Literary Agent at Manus and Associates Literary Agency
- Dan Poynter, self publishing guru

I consider the smartest choice I made when I was in my 30’s was to write a book. My first book, “Stand-up Comedy: The Book,” was rejected by over 59 book agents. But, finally, I met an agent who liked my book proposal and got me a deal with Random House. After my book was published, another person liked my book. Her name is Oprah Winfrey. She had me on her show, held up my book and told her viewers these words that changed my career forever.

Now, I’ve just had my fourth book published by St. Martin’s Press, “The Message of You,” which has led to National TV Show appearances.

In this free Teleseminar you will learn:

- What kind of books are publishers looking for? - How to identify your expertise - How to find your audience and create a platform - What you need to have in place to get you an advance - How to get a literary agent to take notice of you - How to self-publish for little money

Teleseminar Guests:

Judy Carter - Author of “The Message of You and is one of America's top professional speakers, appearing on over 100 television shows including Oprah, Good Morning America, and CNN. She conducts workshops worldwide as well as speaks to Fortune 500 companies. Judy has shared stages with President Bill Clinton, Deepak Chopra, and Lily Tomlin.

Penny Nelson - Agent at Manus and Associates Literary Agency

Dan Poynter - Author of 76 books and leading authority on book marketing, promoting and distributing.

Learning Points & Take-aways from Listeners

"I learned that if I self publish first and don't get enough sales then that will hurt any opportunity finding publisher in future."

"Great Suggestion to use a Google search to discover bloggers in your subject area to give review copies to."

"...That self pub is a great way to get known. I recently landed an interview because of my book 'Powerful Secrets of Fortune Telling' (self pub). I gave the book away but it got me in the door and possibly a whole summer of tourist employment."

"I liked the tip on having a sign by the books for sale about the books being more valuable when autographed and how it's a bonus to clients who hire authors to speak for their audience."

"Great into on how to use other peoples blogs to get the word out about your own book."

"....To remember to have a Quality Control Clause on the contract and before signing with a publisher and do some research on the publisher."

"I learned How to be determined in making sure you pursue a quality writing life and the differences between the self publishing route vs. traditional route."

"Inspiring to learn That I can really get my book published...right now."

"Learn that it's okay to self-publish and still approach agents. Also to Get a platform going and know your audience."

"Great hearing advice from a literary agent on how to get representation. Good advice from SJ on how to Get a book done by having a partner, club, consultant, etc., someone to whom you're accountable. I realize now that i need someone holding you accountable to deadlines."

"Great tip on doing research to find agents acknowledged in similar books' thank you sections. Clarifying whether to self vs. traditional publish. Advantages of self-publishing. Recommendations of Jeff Herman's Guide. Promoting by searching for blogs and LinkedIn groups on my subject and sending review copies. And more!"

"It was all very good and informative. I know that the author has to the salesman and promoter. I liked Dan's advice about connecting with book bloggers as a way of getting the word out there. Great tip also about finding agents by looking at the acknowledgement page in your genre."

"The gentleman talking about writing and putting material up as ebooks and then working out the details later. Also the need for lots of followers, friends, and links in social media."

"The acknowledgment page trick The finance specifics Self publishing pros and cons."

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