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\"Power of Your Story\" Teleseminar
"Power of Your Story" Teleseminar

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Details: TeleSeminar with Judy Carter: The Power of Your Story

All famous and successful speakers have one thing in common -- they have a clear message illustrated by an entertaining story. But, how do we find our messages? How do know which story will work? How do we make those stories hysterically funny?

Judy Carter, the author of “The Comedy Bible,” and her new book, “The Message of You” believes that the best stories come from our journey from the messes in our life to our successes. The “messes” of our life contain the laughs, and the “successes” have our messages.

In this one-hour seminar (specifically for NSA New York members) Judy will show you how to:

-Setup your story to draw the audience in
-Get laughs using story-humor techniques
-Identify your Eureka Moments
-Use stories to sell your products
-End your story with a call-to-action that packs a punch

Reactions from listeners of “The Power of Your Story” with Judy Carter Interviewed by Mimi Donaldson

I learned that….
…Judy is EXACTLY the teacher I didn't even know I was looking for :)

…market the message and bookings will come! This was powerfully simple. We have been doing it backwards. Market the message. From Duh to Brilliant! Thank you Judy!

… hearing how Judy used various moments to for different audiences was very helpful for me.

…the seminar got me asking questions and examining my life. What is my message? I don't know, but now I’m asking the right questions.

I loved hearing how Judy told her unique stories and then turned them into stories about the audience. Moving from "me" to "message" makes SO much sense! I also loved the simple approach to figuring out where I've had success, what I was like back when I was a mess, and then pin-pointing the catalyzing "Eureka Moment" that made the difference.

That all the pain and suffering in childhood and life can be made into gold to help others, BUT the story cannot be narcissistic or have a victim tone.

Yes, it helped clarify a growing lack of connections that I feel with my audience, not wanting to be narcissistic and wanting to provide value, I've been leaving me at the door in terms of transparency, love “the mess to success bridge.”

I realized that I had lots of great stories to tell and it made me think about my past and how I got to where I am today the motivation, empowerment to move forward and success can be mine…I want Judy to coach me in the future.

Great info on how to sell your back of the room product without "selling." …it is okay that I am speaking for free now. I would eventually get paid.

…to address the problems or challenges and tell my stories according to that need when I can.

…that you can inspire people by talking about your mess to success - this is something we can use in many situations. I can use this for presentations at work to distinguish myself from my colleagues.

… I remembered my speech therapy as a kid, I totally forgot about that. The childlike faith I had that turned into fear and that I've had to work on to turn back into faith in myself

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