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Free Download - Judy\'s Home Healthcare Rap
Free Download - Judy's Home Healthcare Rap

It's Free!

Details: In this free download, Judy raps about HMOs, home health aids, and tribulations of being in healthcare management. Originally debut for the Pennsylvania Homecare Association. Yo! Yo! Yo! Judy is in the hizouse, boy!

Also available is Judy's Healthcare Keynote.

AND... The Top 10 Signs You're Stressed

10. You’re up at 3am to go to the bathroom and you check your email on the way back to bed.

9. You stay in a bad relationship because you can’t handle new staffing.

8. When you tell your kids scary bed time stories they start out with… “Once upon a time there was a surprise visit from the Dept. of Health…”

7. When your spouse want to talk about his emotional needs you tell him to schedule a “face-to-face” encounter.

6. During confession you hand the priest a notice of HIPPAA privacy practices.

5. When you give your kids their allowance you make them fill out an incident report.

4. You keep trying to download your bank statements from HCSIS.

3. When you talk without your blackberry, your thumbs still move.

2. On PTA night, you refer to your children as your little “outliers”.

1. You have no love life because it’s still hasn’t been pre-authorized.

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