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International Comedy - Getting Paid to Vacation
International Comedy - Getting Paid to Vacation

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Details: “International Comedy” “Getting Paid to Vacation”
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- How can you get paid vacations by performing comedy on the International Market?
- How much money comics make in other countries?
- What are the venues Internationally for American comics?
- What International Festivals are the best ways to showcase?
- Can American comedy translate to other countries?
- What are the countries where American comics can succeed?

Co-Host: Betsy Hunt – She’s has been working on her master's degree in Translation and International Studies at the University of Denver, where she specialized in translation of comedy through film and print media.

Brian Aylward - Brian is a Canadian comic who has performed in South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. He is the founder of Korea's first English-speaking comedy room and finished as runner-up in the 2008 Hong Kong International Comedy Festival. Currently he continues his stand-up career back home in Canada.

Gregory Korostishevsky - Gregory is a Russian comedian and actor who immigrated to the US from Russia. He has appeared in many national commercials, films such as Two days in NY starring Chris Rock, and TV shows like 30 Rock, David Letterman, Ed, and Conan O'Brian. Gregory is bilingual and continues to perform stand-up on the East Coast.

Diana Levine - Diana is a pioneer in bringing stand-up comedy to Peru. After 10 years living and studying in New York, she returned to Lima and has been teaching and performing stand-up since 1999. American proudly born in Lima, she performs in Spanish and is soon preparing her new material in "both languages."

Daniel Nainan – Has been booked in Dubai, Hong Kong, Trinidad (in fact that's where he’s is right now). He has upcoming bookings in India, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Comments about Teleseminar from Listeners from Survey

Very useful info, especially, what NOT to say overseas!

Great to learn that one has to really know the culture before performing internationally.

From listening, I learned that you are in charge of your destiny. Waiting for an agent and manager just keeps you WAITING! Great information.

Very interesting to learn that agents are not necessary and how I can take my act Internationally.

I'd forgotten about this from my MBA/Leadership studies - cultural differences MUST be considered. Also, how to collect money was the biggest diamond of all. THANKS!!

It was a lot of fun to hear from comedians around the world.

The information about youtube was fantastic!

Great to know that there are more and more clean comics who are becoming successful.

Great information that comedy exists and is popular in South East Asia too!

I learned that it's not about finding a promoter for yourself, it's about the footwork. Get things up on Youtube, film everything, research your prospective audience to see if they would get a joke (i.e. picking up after your dog and Russia don't mix, or abortion and Peru). Great teleseminar!

The biggest gem was at the end when Judy and Dan were discussing about creating your own brand, finding out where to market and to create your own opportunities by thinking out of the box. I also liked the way Dan described the financial arrangements for overseas gigs. Really good tips!

Betsy and Brian were very helpful as people who started similar to the rest of us. Knowing about the expat communities is very helpful. And Dan Nainan's comments about how to get paid were also good.

Interesting to know how many countries speak English! 

I learned that with a little research and the right material it is possible to perform overseas

It’s great to know that you don't have to speak a foreign language to perform in a foreign country. That is great news

Great information about figuring out cultural differences if you’re performing comedy in foreign countries. The Seinfeld “dog poop” joke was hilarious.

It was an eye opener that American stand-ups work in other countries. That there is a large market for English-speaking comics.  The information expanded my vision of having a comedy career.

Aylward and Naiman were both extremely helpful, particularly Naiman.

Great tip on how to know your audience. So important.

As a Comedienne in Dominican Republic was very helpful to hear from comedians from other countries regarding performing internationally, since is something that I'm seriously thinking about doing in the future.

I had no idea that there was such a thriving comedy scene in South Korea

[I learned that] most of comedy is universal and we need to know the culture and traditions of foreign countries if you are performing/speaking there.

The main thing was the now seemingly obvious, revelation that many of these audiences in foreign countries are ex-pats. I had always wondered how the language barrier didn't make it impossible.

Amazing to learn that the world constitutes an audience. However, it is important to understand the culture of that audience in taking care not to offend, etc.

I learned that translating American comedy to foreign countries cultures and ethos takes some professional skill and research.

Opened up the world of performing internationally.

Dan and Brian had some good ideas concerning the business of international performing reinforcing the importance of you/tube, self promoting, and specificity.

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