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NOTE: You MUST be a currently enrolled in The Message of You University to purchase these coaching plans.

Need Help? Punchup? Feedback?
Get private one-on-one coaching from a TMOY U certified coach.

To avoid procrastination, it is helpful to have a coach in your corner. We all need someone to make sure we are on target and give us constructive feedback. You can always put up your material in TMOY U Forums, but if you want one-on-one help, you can pick your coach and order a consult now.

How it Works:

  • - Purchase a single unit of coaching via Skype, coaching via email, or one of our coaching packages and select your Tutor and your package. (If you bought the Deluxe Package, you already have Tutor Time)

  • - After you purchase time with a Tutor, schedule an apt by clicking on the scheduling link you will receive via email.

  • - When scheduling, let your Tutor know which TMOY U lesson you need help with and submit any materials or homework you would like your Tutor to review.

  • - To be effective, you can expect to only work on one specific lesson per 30-minute session.

  • - You can also have email consults as a part of your package. You email your Tutor a specific exercise from a lesson and your Tutor will email back comments on the your material.

  • - Each email tutoring counts as 15 minutes of Tutor Time. If you have a SHORT question about your Tutor's feedback, you may email back. However, excessive additional emailing may be charged as an additional email session.

It is your responsibility to use your Tutor Time prior to the end of the course. After your course ends, your Tutor Time expires and there are no roll overs, no refunds, and no exchanges.

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